Announcing Snag V2, our new self-serve creator portal

Announcing Snag V2, our new self-serve creator portal

Zach Heerwagen

Sep 15, 2023


5 min read

Zach Heerwagen

Sep 15, 2023


5 min read

Today, Snag Solutions is proud to announce the launch of our creator portal, a complete suite of marketplace, content, and community management tools, as a self-serve offering for the industry. Any creator can now build, customize, and manage a marketplace with an embedded micro-social network, and access Snag’s full suite of features, all with no set up fee or monthly maintenance cost.

This set of self-serve tools is now available and offers dozens of features and customizations, allowing top brands and creators to utilize their own brand assets & achieve their project-specific goals. This is a fundamental shift in how NFT businesses can market their collection(s), enforce royalties, and grow their communities.

Since launching last year, Snag has focused on building the best product for top native brands, including communities like ApeCoin DAO, World of Women, Rug Radio, and A Kid Called Beast, defining their roadmap based on real world feedback to incorporate critical features like peer to peer trading, UI customizations, and admin + social tooling to let creators manage + centralize communications via their own micro-social network.

Snag’s mission to support creators of all types is perhaps best exemplified through their new partner, Gyrenauts, a charity focused project that’s also launching today. Gyrneauts was already locked into a 10/15 launch date when OpenSea announced that they were abandoning creator royalties, providing a difficult challenge for the team. Luckily, Gyrenauts reached out to Snag for help launching a custom marketplace to enforce royalties and highlight their brand, allowing them to overcome this challenge and continue their noble path. In addition, Snag is waiving all fees in support of the #Regen mission.

Gyrenaut’s founder, Duncan Rogoff, said, “We’re beyond grateful to the Snag Solutions team for believing in our mission and helping us navigate the royalties landscape and providing such quick access to the same technology used by top brands like ApeCoin.” The marketplace is available at

Snag’s marketplaces enforce royalties by default, but as with all settings and features, gives creators control to choose. Snag CEO Zach Heerwagen said, “As we looked at competitive self-serve products (Rarible, Firstmate), we saw the need to offer all creators the ability to customize the experience and pull in our full set of available features to offer the experience their holders deserve. We started Snag with the goal of building ‘Shopify for NFT’s,’ and while our vision expanded dramatically to include loyalty tooling, API’s, and SDK’s, the quality of user experience stands out clearly as best in class. We’re thrilled to share with the world and give creators the tooling they need to push the category forward.”

To encourage founders to take advantage, Snag will be waiving fees for creators who set up their marketplaces this month, with zero fees through the end of year, as they build their own channel. After January 1st, Snag will take 1% on native transactions that sell through their marketplace with royalties included, so they only profit when helping creators monetize.

How we differentiate:

When listening to and building for the biggest brands in the space, it’s easy to innovate just by listening, there are three clear differences vs. anything available on the market today:

1: Completely customizable

In our experience building the white label biz at DoorDash, the number one value prop to brands was control of the customer experience to match their brand. We’re launching with 6 available color customizations + custom fonts, and each collection can be individually customized to tailor the experience, even within your ecosystem. Your changes are visible in our self-serve tool via the ‘preview’ module to help you check your work as you go.

Customization interface with marketplace preview available inside the creator portal

2: Your Content AND Community Management System

We’re building marketplaces as a hub for communities, with embedded social profiles, feeds, and member directories gated to holders. We offer listing & purchase notifications to keep users coming back, along with email announcements when creators add announcements. We provide creator control of app real estate as well with admin controls to create banners and merchandise the marketplace and social feed.

Your home for content, community, and marketplace management!

Launch banners to merchandise your marketplace + social feed with new content

3: The most robust marketplace feature set

Even before layering in the most available customizations and intuitive set up via self-serve, we built the richest feature-set, with P2P Trading, social, and multi-asset listing with aggregation to OpenSea..

Full stack P2P trading, with user chat coming soon. Stop scammers by pulling trading into your marketplace!

Token gated social feed with free text, photo/video content, and ‘WTT/WTS’ posts

We’re thrilled by the number of options we’re launching to the creator portal to start, we also have >50 available out of the box configurations, and enterprise tools including:

  1. Our Loyalty Management System: available api-based, or built into your marketplace, we let top brands and creators track + both onchain & offchain contributions like purchasing with royalty, soft-staking, or social engagement via Twitter, Discord, and Instagram. These SEC-compliant offchain ‘points’ can be spent onchain for digital assets via our marketplace, or in other mints & digital experiences.

  2. We’ve also built SDK’s to embed highly customized purchase & listing flows directly into metaverse and in-game experiences.

We’ll make all of this tooling ‘self-serve’ over time, but if you’re interested in learning more about what we’re building we’d love to chat!