How to use snag’s self serve tool

How to use snag’s self serve tool

Yahav Sal

Sep 20, 2023


3 min read

Yahav Sal

Sep 20, 2023


3 min read

Snag Solutions is launching our self-serve tool letting any NFT creator manage the full lifecycle of marketplace creation, customization, and administration with access to our full suite of marketplace features, and 0-set up on monthly maintenance cost.

If you’re curious about how the Self Serve tool works, and how you can take advantage of its large arsenal of features keep reading!

Get Started: Your Marketplace Tool 🚀

You can access the tool by clicking Get Started; upon entering the URL you’ll be prompted to connect your wallet. Once your wallet is connected you’ll be directed to the sign in flow, where you’ll input basic information and your marketplace name 🧡

HomeBase: Setting Up Your Marketplace 💫

After connecting your wallet and inputting basic information about your marketplace, you’ll be directed to the home tab where you can add an unlimited amount of collections, customize the experience, and set up your hostname and launch!

Add Collections: Create Your One-Stop Shop 🤝

When adding collections you’ll navigate to the ‘Collections’ tab and be prompted to input:

  • Collection name

  • Collection Contract Address

  • Destination chain

  • Collection image (optional)

Once added you can hit ‘Add’ and ‘Save’, and you’re good to go!

Customization: Make It Your Own 🕺

Under the ‘Customization’ tab you’re able to customize the experience to your liking with the most advanced UX in the market and add links to your socials, and edit your fonts and colors!

You can test unlimited color variations and make the experience truly your own! 🎨

Choose any font you’d like, add themes to different collections, and directly edit your marketplace’s CSS from the dashboard.

For more information on themes visit our: Themes Best Practices

The Home Stretch: Set Up Your Domain 🤖

After adding collections and customizing the experience you’ll be directed to the ‘Hostname’ tab where you’ll need to edit your DNS record on your website.

If you don’t have a website, you can enter ‘’ to set things up. (your marketplace name)

Back To HomeBase: There’s More 😱

After setting up your marketplace, you’re ready to manage the experience and augment your marketing efforts!

The Home tab becomes your control center for posting announcements, email distribution, managing your team, merchandising your marketplace with banner customization, and toggling on/off royalty enforcement & social features!

Congratulations, your marketplace is now live!!! 🎉

What are you waiting for? Take control of your NFT experience today - just hit Get Started.